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Invite the Pro Team

Invite Collaborators and Clients

What is Visible to the Client

Now that you have your project set up, it’s time to invite your team members, collaborators, and client(s).

You’ll manage anyone who is working with you on the project from the Project Settings.

Pro Team

⚠️ Users invited to your Pro Team are not automatically added to existing projects. After they've accepted your Pro Team invitation, then you can go to any projects you want them added to and invite them into those separately.

Click + Add Pro Team Member. Then select current Pro Team Members from the dropdown menu. They will be automatically be added to the project and will receive an email notification letting them know.

Note: Pro Team Members/Admins must first be added to your BuildBook account before you can add them to a Project.

Invite Collaborators and Clients

Invite Collaborators and Clients following the same steps. They will need to "accept" the invitation before they can access the project. They will receive an email with a link to accept once you invite them.

Pro Tip: Don’t rush to invite your client until the project is set up and in a good place for them to be seeing it for the first time.

Permissions are granted on a project-by-project basis. Pro Team and Collaborators can be added with either “full access” or “limited access” to a project. Clients are added with one permission level.

What is Visible to the Client

The only way for a client to see Tasks and Daily Logs is to choose the “Share with the client” option when you’re creating or editing a new Task or Log.

Any tasks you decide to share with the client will become visible to the client on their dashboard.

To quickly see which Tasks and Logs are visible to the client, they will be labeled “Client Visible” or “Shared With Client” next to each item. You can also access a read-only preview of the full client dashboard by clicking the Client tab, then clicking “See What the Client Sees” in the top right.

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