Using Daily Logs

Create and share logs with your team and keep clients updated

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Daily Logs are a great way to share status updates, whether daily or weekly, with team members and also with clients. These are helpful best practices to keep everyone in the loop on job progress.

Your Daily Logs have two main functions:

  1. Keep your team in the loop with updates on the day-to-day

  2. Giving your clients important project updates

Create a Daily Log

  1. Click "New Daily Log" from either your Dashboard or within a specific project in the Logs tab:

  2. Add files: Add as many pics or docs as you need to give more detail.
    Note: You can upload as many photos and documents as you'd like, however, the maximum amount per upload is 10 photos and/or documents.
    Additionally, Microsoft documents such as Excel and Word files, can't be previewed directly. You'll need to download the document to view it. PDF files and images do have a preview option.

  3. Choose a date: By default, the date is set to today, but you can choose a date in the past if you need to backlog the update to a past date.

Once a Daily Log is posted, collaborators and clients (with whom you've shared the Log with) can comment.

Timeline and Gallery Views

Daily Logs have two views:

  1. Timeline View: the default view shows all logs sorted by date along with any details, attachments, and comments.

  2. Gallery View: click "Gallery View" to get a visual representation of all the project updates.

Share Logs with clients

Daily Logs in BuildBook play an important role in keeping your clients up to date. The Client Dashboard features an "Updates" tab that replaces the Home tab that you see in your projects. The "Updates" are automatically populated directly from any Logs you choose to share with your client.

To share a Log with a client, first, be sure that they are allowed to see the "Updates" in their permissions. Then, click the "Share with Client" checkbox in the upper right of the Daily Log when you're creating a new one or editing an existing one.

We make it easy for you to identify which Logs are visible to the client by adding a "Shared with Client" green tag to the right of each Log.

As soon as you or anyone on the project with access to Logs creates a new Log, everyone will receive an update that a new Log was posted. The client receives the same notification when you share a Log with them.

Daily Logs Report and Printing

Daily Logs reporting and printing allows you to print or export Daily Logs as a PDF. You can export your Daily Logs to share with Clients and Collaborators via email or print them out to display on job sites.

Display Options

Here you can add filters to the Logs you want to export or print.

  1. Show All: You can choose to display the entire log or exclude portions from it. You can choose the following options to show:
    - Logs
    - Attachments
    - Comments

  2. People: You can choose to filter by the person who authored the Log. This is especially helpful if you want to print or export logs written by a certain person.

  3. Date: You can also choose to filter by a specific date or date range to export or print.

Print your Report

Once you've chosen the display options for your Daily Logs report, click the Print button in the upper right corner of the report. Use the print preview to make adjustments before printing.

Save as PDF

Export to PDF for supported operating systems (Most Windows and Mac systems feature a PDF option for printing) by changing the destination/printer to "Save as PDF" or similar.

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