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Daily Logs are a great way to share status updates, whether daily or weekly, with team members and also with clients. These are a helpful best practice to keep everyone in the loop on job progress.

Your Daily Logs have two main functions:

  1. Keep your team in the loop with updates on the day-to-day

  2. Daily Logs shared with the client appear in the "Updates" tab in the Client Dashboard. They are the first thing your client will see when they log in and will give them regular updates on the progress of your project.

Create a Daily Log

  1. Click "New Daily Log" from either your Home tab or Logs tab

  2. Add files: Add as many pics or docs as you need to give more detail

  3. Choose a date: By default, the date is set to today, but you can choose a date in the past if you need to backlog the update to a past date.

Once a Daily Log is posted, collaborators and clients (who you've shared the Log with) can comment.


Daily Logs have two views:

  1. Timeline View: the default view shows all logs sorted by date along with any details, attachments, and comments.

  2. Gallery View: click "Photos Only" to get a visual representation of all the project updates.

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