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One of the first things we recommend doing when getting started with BuildBook is to invite your team into your account. This is what we call your Pro Team, which most often consists of internal staff and/or people within your company that have a role in every project.

If you need a refresher on roles and permissions in BuildBook, head over to this article. It’s important to note that Pro Team members are invited at an account level, whereas individual external users/collaborators (i.e. clients, sub-contractors, designers, etc.) are invited at a project level. Learn how to invite an external user.

Invite your team

  1. Navigate to your Account Settings

  2. In the Pro Team Members section, click on 'Add & Manage Members'

  3. Click on the orange '+ Add Member' link.

  4. Enter the email address of the first member you'd like to invite. Note: after a valid email address is recognized, an additional inbox box will appear to add more members.

  5. Once all members have been added, click on the 'Done' text in the top right.

  6. On the confirmation screen, click 'Add Member(s)' to complete the step.

Once that's done, BuildBook will email the member with a link to join the team.

Manage your team

You can manage all Pro Team Members in your account in the same Manage Your Pro Team page under Account Settings.

Resend email invite: If a team member has lost or can't find the invitation to join your team, you can easily resend them the invite by clicking on the “Resend email invite” link beneath their email address.

Removing a team member: To remove a Pro Team Member from your account, simply deactivate their membership using the toggle switch to the right of their name. After toggling the switch to the off position, you'll need to click 'save' before the change takes effect.

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