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One of the most desired benefits of BuildBook is the ability to bring everyone together in one place—before, during, and after projects. Who a team owner can invite to their account will first depend on which plan they have.


  • Free: One Team Member who is also the account owner. With a free account, you cannot invite external collaborators.

  • Starter: One Team Member who is also the account owner and unlimited external users.

  • Team: Up to 10 Team Members and unlimited external users.

  • Unlimited: Unlimited Team Members and external users.

User Roles in Your BuildBook Account

To help keep track of who's who, each user in a BuildBook account will fit into one of three roles. Note: External Users can only be added in a Paid Plan.

  • Team Owner: The person who set up the company's BuildBook account and has full ownership of the account.

  • Team Admin: Anyone invited by the Team Owner who has full access to all account features including Projects, Portfolio, Collections, Leads, and Contacts. Admins cannot edit plan and billing info. They are likely an employee or trusted confidant of your company.

  • Team Member: Anyone invited by the Team Owner to join the internal company team with limited access. Members have access to Projects, Collections, and Contacts. They do not have access to Leads or Portfolio.

  • Project Collaborators: Sub-contractors, vendors, designers, architects, etc.—anyone that is involved in one or more projects, but is not part of the internal company team. They are invited on a per-project basis by either a Team Owner or Team Member.

  • Clients: Clients are invited on a per-project basis by either a Team Owner or Team Member.

Project Permissions

Permissions are granted on a project-by-project basis. Pro Team Admins/Members and Collaborators can be added with either “full access” or “limited access” to a project. Clients are added with one permission level.

Full Access

Full access gives Pro Team Members/Admins and Collaborators full access to create and edit anything within the Project.

Limited Access

Limited Access prevents a user from interacting with the client (either by sharing items or via the Client chat). Limited Access also does not have access to Budget, Selections, or the Client tab. To recap, the Limited Access role cannot:

  • Access the Client Chat

  • Make Daily Logs visible to the client

  • Make Tasks visible to the client

  • Add or edit items on the Schedule

  • Share a file with the client

  • View, create, or manage the Budget or Client Selections.


Clients can view (and comment on) the project Schedule, Budget, Selections, Files, and Logs. There is also a dedicated Client Chat in each project for easy communication.

  • Tasks: Clients can create new Tasks and can edit and comment on Tasks shared to them by a Pro Team Member

  • Logs: Clients can view and comment on Daily Logs. They cannot create or edit them.

  • Schedule, Budget, and Selections: Clients can only view and comment on these items. They cannot create or edit them.

  • Files: Clients can view/download, comment on, and upload files. They cannot edit/delete files or folders.

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