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Team and Client Chat

The Chat feature in BuildBook is perfect for back and forth communication with team members and clients throughout the project. It works just like texting, so you can use Chat to replace text messaging and keep all of your project discussions in one place.

Here are a few things to know as you start chatting with your team and client(s).

  • Chat in BuildBook works like SMS-style texting and can be used on both web and mobile.

  • There are two dedicated chat rooms: one for your team members/collaborators and one for clients.

  • Tap/click the "send" icon to send a message - just like you would when sending a text message.

  • Tag (@mention) people to notify them that there is a new chat message for them. Anyone @mentioned will get an email notification that they have a new message and will see the notification badge on the web app.

  • Upload pictures directly into your Chat from your current device.

  • Remember that only users who have been invited and accepted the invitation can be @mentioned in the chat. Limited Access collaborators only have access to the Team Chat, while clients only see the client chat in their dashboard.

Unread chat messages

When you have unread chat messages on any of your projects, a blue dot will appear on the chat icon in the upper right corner. Click on the chat icon to see a list of projects with unread chat messages, in either the client or team chat rooms.


Another place to have discussions around more specific project items are through the comments.

Once you create a new item in BuildBook, whether that be a Task, Phase, Budget item, or Selection, a comment box appears at the bottom. From here, you, your team, and your clients can have a conversation about that item.

For example, if a client has a question about a Daily Log you recently posted, they can @mention you and you'll get a notification. Then you can go in and respond and you can continue that conversation there.

You can also post attachments within comments to add additional details.

Edit Chats and Comments

Comments and Chats can be edited by the sender once they are posted by clicking the ••• menu on an existing Chat or Comment, choose Edit, and make any changes.

When a Comment or Chat was edited we’ll show an “(edited)” tag next to it, so that everyone’s on the same page.

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