Clients have their own sleek Dashboard that puts your branding front and center and makes it easy for them to see project updates, chat with you and your team, see the budget, view Selections, and collaborate on Tasks. If you want to see more specifics about what permissions clients have, head over to this article.

The client accesses their dashboard by logging into their account, which they can do a couple of different ways:

  • You can share a direct link to the project with them. You can get this link by copying and pasting the URL you see when you're in the project, like this:

  • At

  • On the BuildBook app on their mobile device - once they've logged in they should stay logged in for a period of time.

The Client Dashboard includes several components:


Daily Logs are the first thing your client will see when viewing the Client Dashboard and will give them regular updates on the progress of your project. These appear in the “Updates” tab to the client.


The Schedule view that the client sees is not the full detailed Gantt chart the Pro Team sees. Rather, it is a calendar view and shows the project Phases, Tasks that have been shared to the client, along with Selection Categories and Budget items.

Client Chat

The Chat tab on the client dashboard allows the client to send and receive chat messages from Pro Team members and Collaborators who have Full Access to the project.


The Tasks tab on the client dashboard allows the client to view and interact with the tasks that have been shared and/or assigned to them.


The Files tab on the client dashboard allows the client to view and interact with the Files that have been shared with them. They can also upload Files as well.


Clients can only view and comment on Budget Items. They cannot create them.


Clients can only view and comment on Selections. They cannot create them.

Note: The only way for a client to see Tasks and Logs is to choose the “Share with the client” option when you’re creating or editing a new Task or Log.

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