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How to update account information, manage your plan, and add members
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Need to upload a profile pic, add your company logo, or remove someone from your team? You can do all of this in your Settings at

Company settings

Update primary information about your business including your company name, logo, username, and address. This is displayed next to your name when you post messages, or on your public page. We highly recommend providing a physical address for Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Adding an address greatly improves your SEO and allows Google to help potential customers searching online for your services in your area to find you.

Add or remove team members

Invite team members to your account. You can choose whether team members are invited at an Admin-level (with access to everything accept billing info) or Member-level (with access to Projects, Collections, and Contacts only). Pro Team members are likely an employee or trusted confidant of your company.

Manage your plan

Check what plan you’re currently on, make changes to your plan, or see how many days are remaining in your trial. This is where your billing information is managed as well.

User settings

These settings are specific to your account such as your email address and profile picture and are used for important BuildBook account communications.

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