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Convert an Opportunity into a Project
Convert an Opportunity into a Project

How to link an Opportunity and a Project together

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You can convert an existing Opportunity with or without an Estimate into a Project with just a few clicks. This will allow you to easily get a new project up and running using an existing template - or from a blank slate - and carry over the following information from the Opportunity to the new Project:

  1. Project Address

  2. Approved Estimate (this will appear in the Financials section of the new Project)

  3. If any selections were in your estimate, these will appear in the Selections section of the new project

  4. Payment Schedule - this will appear in the Payments tab inside of the project Financials

  5. Project Type

Details from your Opportunity such as Tasks, Notes, Client Info, Files, and Planned Schedule are not included in the conversion.

Convert an Opportunity/Estimate into a Project

  1. From the Opportunity, click “Convert to Project"

    1. In the upper right from the Details tab

    2. Within an Estimate, click the ••• menu in the upper right and click "Convert to Project"

If you don't see the option to convert the Opportunity to a Project, this means that the Opportunity has previously been converted. You can tell when it was converted to a project and who made this change in the upper left corner of the Opportunity, beneath the Title.

2. Choose whether you want to include the estimate associated with the Opportunity in your new project

  1. Choose from multiple versions of the estimate

  2. Choose "Convert without an estimate" to create the project exclusive of the estimate

3. Choose the Project Name, Project Type, Project Address (if different from the existing address from the Opportunity), Working Days, and if you'd like to create the project from an existing Project Template or from scratch. The Project Name will be the same as the Opportunity Title unless you change it

Switch between the linked Opportunity and Project

Once the project is created, a new link in both the Project and the Opportunity will allow you to easily access information between the two.

The link in the Project is next to the Project Address and will take you directly to the associated Opportunity. And from the Opportunity, a link back to the project located under the Opportunity Title.

Pro Tip: Converting an Opportunity to a Project doesn't automatically invite your client to the project. You'll still want to invite your client when you're ready in the Project Settings.

Associate an Opportunity with/remove from a Project

Your Project Settings include an Opportunity dropdown where you can remove the Opportunity from the Project or link the Project to a different Opportunity.

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