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Creating Templates

Using Templates

Think of BuildBook templates as projects: you can create as many as you need and you can either build them from scratch - or any existing project can serve as the basis for a template.

Creating Templates

  1. From scratch: create a new project that will serve as a template.

  2. From an existing project: take an existing project and duplicate it

Using Templates

Creating a new project from a template

  1. Click "+ New Project" from your Projects.

  2. If you're creating a template from scratch, rename it to something like "Template - New Construction." If you're duplicating an existing project for a new one, then use the project name.

  3. You can add the project address and Project Type - or skip this step.

  4. Choose a Project Template - click the dropdown and choose the existing project.

Choose what items carry over

  • Schedule: Completed activity status in the schedule - like Phases - will be reset

  • Budget

  • Files

  • Tasks: Task status will be reset from Complete to Incomplete

  • Selections

Adjust the dates

Under Adjust due Dates you can choose to leave the dates to stay the same or change them and pick a new date for the schedule to start. When you change the start date all of the dates following will shift based on the timeline in the template.

What items don't transfer

Everything in the Chat, all comments throughout the project, and the project members are not copied to the new project. Completed Tasks and Activities are copied and reset.

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