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One of the first things you’ll want to do is to create your first project. We suggest picking a real project that you are currently running, or one that you are about to start.

Using BuildBook with a real project will help you think through exactly how you want to start using BuildBook within your business. Don’t worry – you are the only person that has access to it until you invite others, so there is no pressure for it to be perfect.

Create a Project

  1. Start on your Projects page, and click or tap the '+ New Project' link.

  2. Give your project a name (e.g. - Smith Residence)

  3. Add the Project address (optional, you can always do this later)

You can also create your project using a Project Template.

Manage Your Projects

Manage all of your projects from the Projects screen by clicking "Projects" from your BuildBook dashboard. From your main Projects page you get a high-level view of some details related to each project including the project type, when it was last updated, and who is in the project.

"Favorite" specific projects

Click the Star icon next to a project in the project list and it is added in a larger box as a Favorite across the top of your projects.

To remove a project from your favorites, just click the three dots in the upper right and click "Remove from Favorites."

Click the 3 dots to the right of any project in your project list to Archive a Project, Leave a Project, or Add as a Favorite.

Archive a Project

Archived Projects are moved to the Archived Projects folder, which you can access from your Projects in the upper right. By archiving a project, you're still holding on to all of the project details without deleting it.

Leave a Project

If you were invited to a project and your role in the project is now over or you no longer need access to the project then you can opt to leave the project. Once you leave, the project will no longer be available and you'll need to be re-invited in order to access it. Note: Project owners, or the creator of the project, cannot leave their own project.

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