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Tasks in BuildBook are used for to-do’s that come up in the day-to-day of a job or even to track punch list items toward the end of a job. They are great for managing things that you don’t want to slip through the cracks.

Tasks can have a due date (or date range), subtasks, notes, and files. They can also be assigned to anyone on the project (once they’ve been added).

Your Tasks tab shows you all upcoming Tasks and all completed Tasks. You can also see which Tasks are assigned to you by switching from "All Items" to "My items."

There are a few ways to create a new Task:

  1. From your Tasks choose “+ New Task.”

  2. Click on "+ New Task" from your project Home tab.

  3. From your Schedule, click "+ Add New" in the upper left and then choose "Task."

Add details to a Task

Add as much - or as little - detail as you'd like to Tasks. If you need something as simple as a punch list item that isn't assigned to anyone but that you want to show up on the schedule, just add a name and due date.

If you have a more detailed Task, you can add Subtasks, Tags, Attachments, and Notes to provide additional insight.

Once a new Task is created, collaborators and clients (who you've shared the Task with) can comment on it and @mention others in the comments.

Assign Tasks to Pro Team and Collaborators

Tasks can only be assigned to people that have been invited into the project AND have accepted the email invitation to the project. If you invited a new BuildBook user, they'll be asked to create an account first. Once they do that, they are officially in.

By default, Tasks are only visible to your Pro Team and Collaborators. To assign a Task to someone on the project, just start typing their name in the Assigned To field. There's no limit to how many users can be assigned to a Task.

Once you assign a Task to someone, they receive an email notification that they have a new Task. BuildBook also sends a daily email reminder with Tasks that are upcoming or overdue.

Share and Assign Tasks to Clients

To make Tasks visible to your client, just click the "Share with the client" button in the upper right corner of any task. If a Task is made visible to the client then you can also assign it to them.

Clients have their own dedicated dashboard with their tasks and you can see what's on their plate by clicking the Client tab.

Once a Task is complete, just check it off from your Tasks tab or inside the Task itself.

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