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Each Project has a Home tab that gives everyone on your team visibility on what's coming up, if anything is overdue, and all activities across every user.

Up Next

When you first open up your project you'll see your "Up Next" items in the Home tab. The default view is "All Items," which shows every item assigned to anyone, but if you want to just see what's on your plate just switch to "My Items."

Any items with a due date coming up in the next week - Phases, Tasks, Change Orders, Selection Categories, or Payments - show up here. You can click on any item to open it up and see more details.

  • Overdue: past-due items are at the top of the list

  • Today: items due today

  • This Week: everything due this week

Project Activity Feed

Any actions taken by everyone in the project show up below Up Next in the Project Activity Feed, which is an auto-generated list of things like new tasks, files uploaded, selections added, new comments, new Chats, etc.

You can click on any blue hyperlinked item to open it up and view it in more detail:

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