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Setting Up Your Portfolio

Learn how to start creating your Portfolio

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It takes just a few minutes to create a stunning, custom Portfolio page. Navigate to your Portfolio from the "More" dropdown menu to begin configuring your page.

Add a Featured Image

The headline and featured image are the first things visitors to your page will see, so don’t skip this part. Your headline should be 100 words or less and provides potential clients with a short and sweet statement about who you are and what you do, such as, “We are a family-owned business specializing in kitchens and bathrooms.”

Your featured image is behind your headline and spans across your page, so be sure to use a gorgeous, professional pic of your work!

Pro Tip: Your featured image should be at least 1200 pixels wide to be sure it shows up clearly.

Add Your Business Details

This is where visitors find basic information about your company and navigate to other areas of your page, including:

Company Location

If you didn't input your full address during setup, we highly recommend adding that now* by clicking the “Company Settings” link, where you’ll be directed to Manage Your Company Settings in Account Settings.
*Providing a physical address greatly improves your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. AKA, it allows Google to help potential customers searching online for your services in your area to find you.

Company Name

Similar to your business address, you added your company name during your initial set up and can also edit this info from the "Company Settings" link. Pro Tip: If you haven’t already, this is a great time to upload your logo and confirm your Company URL in your Company Settings! Your username is also your URL slug, or the last portion of the URL ( We suggest using your company name here. Don't have a logo? Upload your headshot or a picture of yourself.

Company Description

This should be a brief description of your company and highlights of what you specialize in. The Contact Us button is located directly beneath your description, so this is the perfect spot to brag about your business and what you’re known for.

Your Website Link

If you have a separate company page, feel free to include it here.

Once you’ve saved your changes, click the Visit Your Portfolio button at the top of the Configure Your Portfolio page and see how it’s looking.

Add Collections

Collections are galleries of your projects to give potential customers and visitors to your site examples of your stellar craftsmanship.

To get started within your Portfolio, add your first collection by clicking the “Create a Collection” box.

Note: When you click “Create A Collection” in your Portfolio setup, you’ll be redirected from Portfolio to Collections. Collections is where you’ll upload and manage all of your images. To get back to configuring your Portfolio setup just click Portfolio in the left menu, or go to your Dashboard and click Portfolio. Once you’re back in Portfolio setup, you now have up to five Portfolio Collection spaces to add from your Collections!

Name your Collection

First, you’ll be asked to name your Collection. The Collection names will be visible on your page, so give them creative names or name them by feature/location (i.e. Marble Bathroom Reno, Main Floor Transformation, Historic Memphis Remodel, etc.).

Add a Description

Once you create a name, you’ll be able to add a description and location to your Collection.

Add Photos

Time for the fun part! Click the “Add Photos” box and you’re on your way.

Pro Tip: These are the basics for getting started on your first Collection. We go over best practices and offer more guidance in Creating and Managing Collections and recommend giving this a read to answer any additional questions you may have.

Now, let’s put the finishing touches on your Portfolio to really make your company standout.

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