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Adding the Finishing Touches
Adding the Finishing Touches

Finish setting up your Portfolio

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You have the most important parts of your Portfolio in place, but don’t stop there! Really make your page stand out by putting the finishing touches on your page by adding Services, Testimonials, Build With Us company details, Social Media Profiles, Team Members, and your Contact Form!

Pro Tip: Any sections left blank won’t appear on your Portfolio. In order to make one of these sections appear, simply start adding your information.

Add Services

Let visitors know what you offer. We recommend choosing three to six services so your page isn’t cluttered, but there’s no limit to how many you can select. These may include services like Custom Home Building, Green Building, Millwork, etc.

  • To add a service, simply click “Add a new service” and start typing. A pre-populated service may appear, or you can create a custom one.

  • Once you’ve added a new service, just repeat the process to add another one by clicking the “Add a new service” option.

  • Once you’re happy with the services you’ve added, just click “Save Changes” in the orange box.

Add Testimonials

Show visitors praise from past clients! This is an awesome way for potential leads to hear firsthand how great you are to work with.

  • Similar to Services, click “Add a new Testimonial” to get started.

  • Add the name of the client who provided the testimonial.

  • Add the testimonial. There is no limit to how many testimonials you can add, and any lengthy ones will include a “read more” option on your page. Pro Tip: Adding four testimonials to start gives this section a nice balance on your Portfolio.

Add Social Media Profiles

Add links to your social profile/pages. To find the links to your social profiles, just visit your social media pages and copy and paste the links to them into each URL box. Pro Tip: Have videos on YouTube or projects, home tours, or company info? Be sure to add your YouTube URL!

Add Team Members

Put a face to other team members of your company by adding their name, title, bio, and headshot. You can showcase as many members of your team as you’d like. Just click “Add a new Team Member” and fill in their information to get going. Click Save Changes once you’re done.

Edit the Contact Us Default Content

You want leads to have a way to get in touch with you that’s easy for you to manage, and even easier for them to reach out. The Contact Us information is what visitors will see on the Contact Us form at the bottom of your Portfolio. Pro Tip: Leads can also use the Contact Us button in the Sidebar or by clicking the button on the top right of your Portfolio, so they have plenty of options to get in touch.

  • Add a “Contact Us Title,” similar to a call to action—something like “Get Started,” “Contact Us,” “Reach Out,” etc.

  • Add a “Contact Us Description.” You’ve already told leads about you and what you do. This description should be focused on driving leads to contact you.

Congrats! Your Portfolio looks amazing. Now get out there and start sharing your Portfolio and collecting new leads!

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