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Creating and Managing Collections

How to add and organize your project photos

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You’ve seen how to set up your first Collection in your Portfolio, but how do you manage all of your project photos?

Quick refresher: Your Portfolio is where your Collections are displayed for leads to see your work. Collections are where you upload and manage all of your images. Pro Tip: Add the images in Collections first, then head over to Portfolio and choose which ones you want to feature on your page.

Create a Collection

You can access your Collections from the More dropdown in the upper navigation.

If you created your first Collection during your Portfolio setup, then you’ll see it here.

  1. Create a Collection by clicking the “Create New Collection” button at the top of the Collections page.

  2. Name your collection (Marble Bathroom Reno, Main Floor Transformation, Historic Memphis Remodel, etc.).

  3. Add a description. The Collection description is what visitors will see when they are viewing the Collection on your Portfolio page.

Add Photos

Click the "Add Photos" button to start adding images. Here are a few tips before you get started:

  • There is a maximum upload of 10 images at a time. If you try to upload more than 10 images in one upload, some will be left out. To upload more than 10 images, simply keep adding photos the same way you uploaded the first 10.

  • We want it to be as easy as possible for you to add your photos from anywhere. When you click “Add Photos” you’ll have the option to upload your images via your device, a link, web search, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Managing Photos

Once your images are uploaded, you’ll be taken back to the Edit Collection page.

  • Rearrange photos: Hover over any image and drag to reorder.

  • View or delete a photo: Click "View Collection" in the upper right to see each image. Hover over the image and click the trash icon to delete an image.

Organizing Collections

Collections are sorted in alphabetical order.

  • To access a Collection, click the Collection card and click "View Collection" or "Edit Collection."

  • To remove a Collection, click the Collection and then click “Delete Collection” in the upper right corner.

  • When you’re done editing a Collection and are ready to return to the Collections screen, click on “Collections” on the upper left next to “Edit Collection.”

Once you've added a few collections, learn how to feature them in your Portfolio!

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