Send Selection Approval Requests
Send requests to your clients to approve or decline a Selection
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Use Selection Request Approvals to send selections to your client to approve or decline, and track the Approval Status within Selections.

Selection approval options can be found by opening any individual Selection in a Selection Category from the Selections tab of a Project.

Send an Approval Request

Once you're in a Selection, click the ••• menu to choose to either request approval from the client or manually approve the Selection. Click Request Approval from Client from the dropdown.

As soon as you click Request Approval from Client, your client will receive email and push notifications (depending on their notification settings) requesting approval.

Once an approval request is sent, the description and photos in the Selection are locked and can't be edited until your client completes the request.

Pending Status

Once the request is sent, the Approval Status of the Selection automatically switches to Pending in the Selection itself and in the Selections tab. This indicates that a request was sent and has yet to be approved or declined by the client.

Depending on your client's notification settings, they will receive email and push notifications including the name of the user who sent the request and the name of the selection. They will click a button to open the request and click an "Approve" or "Decline" button.

Approved and Declined Status

When the request is approved or declined by your client, the Approval Status will be switched to Approved or Declined and will display the name of the user who completed the request along with the date and time it was completed.

Depending on your notification settings, you will receive email and push notifications for the completed requests.

Clients also receive a final confirmation that they approved or declined the selection. Here's an example of what emails your client receives will look like for an approval request and when the request is completed.

Mark a Selection as Approved

You can also manually mark the Selection as Approved in circumstances where the client isn't invited to your project or maybe it was previously approved. This option is available the same way you request approval from the client, using the ••• menu within a Selection and clicking Mark as Approved.

Change the Status

Cancel an Approval Request

If you sent a request and the Approval Status is Pending but you need to make a change or cancel the request, click the ••• menu and click Cancel Client Approval Request. This will remove the Pending Status from the selection and you can re-send the request when you're ready.

If you cancel a request already sent, the client will still have the email and push notification. When they click the request, they will see the selection but won't be able to Approve or Decline it.

Remove an Approved Status

When the Selection is Approved, you can still use the ••• menu and click Remove Approved Status if changes need to be made and an updated request needs to be sent to the client.

Remove a Declined Status

If your client declined the Selection and you'd like to edit the Selection and re-send the request for approval, use the ••• menu and click Remove Declined Status to reset the status and send a new Approval Request.

Separate from the Approval Status, Selections still include Open and Complete item Status to be used as a way for you to track the status of the selection itself.

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