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Creating and Managing Vendors
Creating and Managing Vendors

How to use BuildBook to manage your Vendors

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Vendors in BuildBook are a great way to manage invoicing and track expenses for your business. Keeping accurate records of your vendors will make managing your business easier, and (coming soon!) will be another way to track your BuildBook Project Expenses better.

Separate from your BuildBook Contacts, Vendors represent a business entity (lumberyard, hardware store, supplier, etc) vs. a company, team member, or client that you might have in your Contacts (even if that company only has one person).

Create a Vendor

Vendors are located in the More dropdown in the upper navigation of BuildBook.

To create a new Vendor, simply click + New Vendor in the upper left corner of the Vendors section and start filling in the details.

Manage Vendor Details

Each vendor has three sections:


Details are a place to store the vendor's business information including:

  • Name

  • Category

  • Phone, Email, Address

The Category has a few pre-filled options and you can add as many custom categories as you'd like by simply typing in the new item and clicking "Create" or pressing the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.


The notes section is a great way to store notes about the Vendor including things like preferred payment type, additional contact information, Project Names the Vendor is associated with, and anything else you'd like to add about the Vendor. To add a Note, click the dialog box and begin typing. This will autosave your information.


The attachments section allows you to attach photos or documents about or from the Vendor. To add those attachments, click on "+ Add file..." in the top left corner, then choose the files you'd like to add.

To download or delete a file, simply click on the ellipses menu in the top right corner of the file, and select the appropriate option from there:

Delete a Vendor

If you need to delete a Vendor, you can do so from the Vendors section or the Vendor modal.

Vendor List

To delete a Vendor from your Vendors List, click on the ellipses menu to the very right-hand side of the Vendor's information and click on Delete Vendor.

Vendor modal

To delete a vendor from the Vendor modal, click on the ellipses menu in the top right corner of the modal and select Delete Vendor:

You'll have the option to delete Vendors who are not associated with any Expenses, however, Vendors who are currently tied to an Expense in a Project cannot be deleted. You'll notice this message when you try to delete the Vendor:

The Vendor will either need to be deleted from the Expense or the Expense adjusted to reflect a new Vendor.

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