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This article goes over how to export and/or print your Project Schedule.

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Export your schedule to save as a PDF or print it to share with others!

Export your Schedule

Click Export in the upper right of your Schedule from the Schedule View.

Once you click Export you'll have some options to choose from that allow you to customize the information you'd like to export.

Schedule Range
Choose what part of the schedule you want to print:

  • Whole Schedule: Entire schedule

  • Viewable Schedule: Print the date range currently on your screen

  • Date Range: Print a specific date range. This option gives you better control over the information you want to share.

Control Pagination
Choose whether you'd like to export the schedule as a Single Page or Multi-Page.

Paper Format

Choose your paper size from the dropdown. Currently, we do not have commercial plotter sizes, however, your printer driver software may have additional sizes that you can use for specialty sizes.

Once you've chosen your pertinent data, click on Export. Once the document is ready, a window in the bottom right-hand corner of your schedule will let you know that the export is complete. Click "Open Schedule Export" and your export will be downloaded as a PDF.

Schedules are exported in PDF but can be saved as additional file options when you click on the export.

Print your Schedule

Once you've chosen all of your customizable options and have exported your Schedule, you can then print it from your computer.

You can always make adjustments to your Schedule export by using the printer driver options on your computer when you choose to print. Check the Print Preview to see how your Schedule is lining up and once you're happy with how it looks, click Print.

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