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How to see your Schedule in Calendar View
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The project Schedule in BuildBook shows any Phases, Tasks, Selections, Change Orders, Credits, and Payments in the project that have due dates or ranges set. If an item is not showing up on your calendar, it’s probably because you haven’t set a due date for it.

BuildBook’s Schedule feature allows you to view and manage your project’s schedule using both a traditional calendar view or a Gantt chart view. Switch between views by clicking "Calendar View" or “Schedule View” in the upper right of the Schedule.

The Calendar View lets you see the schedule by month (five weeks) and is a great way to visualize your schedule on your mobile device or tablet.

The Calendar View is the default view of the Schedule in BuildBook for Clients, Limited Access Users, and on mobile devices. From the calendar you can easily click on any item - just like the Schedule View - to see more details and filter.

To switch to the Schedule View on mobile, just click the triangle icon in the upper right corner.

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