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Estimates FAQ
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  1. Does everyone on my team have access to Estimates and Proposals?

    1. Pro Team "Admin" members have access to Estimating and Proposals within Opportunities. Pro Team "Members" don't have access to the Opportunities section of BuildBook, which is where Estimates are created. Learn more about roles and permissions in your Pro Team.

  2. Are Estimates available on mobile devices?

    1. Yes! When you open an Opportunity, just click the Estimate tab

  3. What are Cost Codes?

    1. Cost Codes allow you to divide costs into particular categories assigned to specific divisions. That way, you can see exactly how much particular jobs or tasks cost and how that compares to what was budgeted or predicted. Read more on using Cost Codes.

  4. What is a Price Book?

    1. Think of the Price Book as a template system. You can create a set of items from your Cost Codes that you can import into any estimate or project financials. This speeds up the time to create a full estimate considerably! Read more on the Price Book.

  5. What is the default set of Cost Codes?

    1. The default set of cost codes are based on 16 Divisions, the most widely used standard for organizing specifications and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U.S. and Canada, as defined by Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)'s MasterFormat.

  6. What does a Tag in the Price Book do?

    1. Tags allow you to group items to make it even easier to add them to an Estimate. An example tag would be something like Bathroom Remodel. You can tag the 15 most common library items used in a bathroom remodel.

  7. Can I send a proposal to a client?

    1. You can send proposals via email, as a link, or as a PDF.

  8. Can my client use eSignature to approve the proposal?

    1. Yes, when approving the proposal (inclusive of the contract and estimate), they can use a type-in signature, or draw their own.

  9. Can I set a default for certain sections of my Estimates?

    1. Yes, you can set defaults for items that will appear in your Proposal including a Cover Image, a team section with "About Us" and team members, a Scope of Work, and your Contract. This can be accessed in the Cover Image & Team Info section during Estimate creation. These settings apply to all new Estimates created.

  10. What type of items can be created in an Estimate?

    1. Labor

    2. Materials

    3. Flat Fee

    4. Selections

  11. What management fee options are available?

    1. No Management Fee

    2. Cost Plus Percentage

      1. Structured to pay actual costs incurred on the contract plus a fixed percent management fee.

    3. Fixed Fee

      1. Fixed dollar amount.

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