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How to set your Estimate Default Settings

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This article goes over the Default Estimate Settings and how to create them. If you want a more in-depth explanation of each category, see our Estimate Overview article.

The Estimate Settings feature allows you to create default company and team info, plus items for a Proposal like a Contract and Scope of Work, that can be used in every estimate. This makes it easy for you to provide the client with a polished proposal with all of the info they need in addition to the estimate.

Pro Tip: Create your default settings before creating your estimates. Default settings can be changed at any time but will only apply to new Estimates.

Create Default Estimate Settings

Default Estimate Settings can be created by navigating to an Opportunity and clicking on "Estimate."

From the Estimate screen, select "Cover Image & Team Info." At the very bottom of Cover Image & Team Info there is a hyperlink to visit "Estimate Settings" where you can create your defaults.

Cover Image and Team Info

The Cover Image and Team Info is a great way for your client to learn more about your company and team as they consider hiring you for their project.

To help your Estimate stand out, you can add a Cover Image that can be anything from your company logo or company staff photo to a project you've completed. You can upload that image by clicking on Upload Photo:

Once you've selected a photo that you'd like to use, you can move on to the About Us section.

About Us

This section is a great place to add company contact information, company history, and even a few client testimonials.

When you first begin working on your Estimate Settings you'll notice that the information boxes and Save Changes buttons are greyed out. Simply begin by typing anything into the information box and it will change to white with the "Save Changes" button turning blue.

Once the change is saved, it will automatically grey out the information box and the Save Changes button.

This area also allows you to add Team Member information and is a unique way for clients to put faces to names, which is more personalized.

You can add default personnel to this view such as the Company Owner or Project Manager who may be the potential client's point person for the estimate. Simply click on the "Add Team Member" circle and you'll be prompted to add the information and photo. If you don't wish to add a photo of yourself, the system will default to a generic photo.

Scope of Work

The Scope of Work aims to provide a mutual understanding of every stage of the project between your team and the client, all while documenting the initial planning efforts. It allows for all parties to understand the objectives of the project before committing resources.

Most businesses have a template for Scope of Work that they use that can be copied here. You can simply Copy and Paste a blank template here so that once you're ready to begin the Estimate, you'll just fill in the information.


The last default you can add is the Contract.

Contracts are the legal portion of the Estimate and should be signed and agreed upon before work begins. This default will allow you to create the template of a contract that can be adjusted for each Opportunity. Simply begin by adding in your Contract into the Contract field and clicking Save Changes.

Once you've added in your Estimate Settings, they'll be added to any new Opportunity and Estimate and you're all set!

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