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Organizing Opportunities
Organizing Opportunities

How to view and view Opportunities with List View and Card View

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There are two ways to visualize your Opportunities: Card View and List View.

  • Card View is the default view and makes it easy to quickly rearrange, organize, see what stage an Opportunity is in, and see totals for all cards within each Stage

  • List View gives you a single list of all Opportunities with a quick view of the Planned Schedule and when the Opportunity was last updated

To switch back and forth between List and Card View, click the dropdown next to the “Owner” filter.

Search and Filter

Both views allow you to filter by Owner and to search by Client Name or Title. To filter Opportunities by Owner, click the Owner dropdown in the upper right.

Next to the Owner Filter is the Search, where you can search by typing in the client name or the title of the Opportunity.

Card View

Card Columns

  • Cards are organized in a column for each Stage

  • The dollar values in the column headers reflect the sum total of all estimated budgets for all cards in that column

Card Components

  • Project Type (i.e. Kitchen Remodel)

  • Project Name

  • Project Estimated Budget

  • Customer(s) associated with the project

Rearrange cards within a Stage

Within each Stage you can quickly rearrange the cards for each Opportunity by dragging and dropping the different cards up and down within the list. Once you're happy with the new order, these settings will stay in place when you leave the app and return later on.

Move cards to a different Stage

When an Opportunity is ready to move to a different Stage, simply drag and drop the card from the current Stage to a new one.

List View

Opportunities in all Stages appear in the List View. You can move across Opportunity Stages by using the bar with the names of each Stage across the top (All, New, Qualifying, Estimating, Won).

To see Archived or Lost Opportunities, click the "Archive" dropdown to the right of the Stages.

List Components

  • The List View organizes your Opportunities by Title, Client, when it was last updated, Planned Schedule, and Owner

  • You can sort the Title, Updated, and Planned Schedule columns by clicking their names

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