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How to Create an Opportunity
How to Create an Opportunity

Add and capture new Opportunities

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An Opportunity in BuildBook is a potential new project that has come to you from a lead. In BuildBook you can manage all of your Opportunities from first contact to winning the job. Your Opportunities can be created manually, or automatically when a lead fills out the contact form on your portfolio.

Manually add a new Opportunity

To manually create a new Opportunity, click “Opportunities” in the upper navigation. Then click “+ New Opportunity” in the upper left.

First, give your Opportunity a title. This should be a title related to the actual project like the address, neighborhood, or type of remodel (ie: Northgate Kitchen Remodel, 1902 Flag St., Jones Residence, etc).

If you know the address, as you start typing in this information you can select the address from the dropdown and will also see the option to view the address on a map.

Once you’ve added the details about the Opportunity, you can input the client information, including First Name, Last Name, and optionally an email address and phone number. Then click Save.

Pro Tip: When you create an Opportunity with client details, a new Contact will automatically be created in your Contacts for that client.

Lead capture

Another way to get a new Opportunity is if a lead fills out the contact form on your Portfolio.

If a new lead is submitted via the contact form, you’ll get a notification in the app. The title of the Opportunity will start with “Portfolio Submission” to help you see which leads came in via your Portfolio.

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