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Add or Change Opportunity Details
Add or Change Opportunity Details

How to put your Opportunity in a new Stage, assign an owner, and add details

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Within each Opportunity you can qualify leads, assign ownership of the Opportunity to a team member, create Tasks with follow-up reminders, and organize notes and attachments. Just click on the Opportunity to get started.

Opportunity Stages

There are four stages you can move your Opportunity to in order for you and your team to see where they are in the sales process from start to finish. The “Stage” dropdown is located in the upper right when inside of an Opportunity. To change the Stage of a current Opportunity, simply click the dropdown and choose from one of the following:

  1. New: As soon as a new lead is created in your account they’re automatically placed in the “New” stage

  2. Qualifying: If you decide to pursue a lead, move it to “Qualifying”

  3. Estimating: Once you’ve started working on an estimate, move the lead to “Estimating”

  4. Won: When the client approves the estimate, move them to “Won”

  5. Lost or Archived: If you aren’t pursuing the Opportunity, either move it to the Lost or Archived Stage.

Assign an Owner

You can assign ownership of the Opportunity to yourself or any Pro Team Member with Admin Access. Click the “Owner” dropdown in the upper right and select from the available users.

Add Details

The Opportunity details include a few areas for adding and editing more information about the client and project:

Client - If you don’t have a client associated with the Opportunity yet, click the “ + Add Client Info” blue box to create a new contact to be associated with the Opportunity. If you want to use an existing contact, simply start typing the contact name in and a dropdown will appear for you to choose from.

If a client is already associated with the Opportunity, you can click the three dots to the right of the client name to edit their contact information and more:

  • View Contact: the client has a separate contact card linked directly in your Contacts. This allows you to add or change information directly related to the client.

  • Add Another Contact: If there are multiple people associated with the Opportunity, you can create another new contact.

  • Remove Contact: This will remove the contact from the Opportunity. They will remain in your Contacts.

Job details - If you need to add or change the Job Address, Type, Budget, or Planned Schedule, you can do that here. If the Job Type you want to select isn’t shown, simply start typing in your custom type and hit enter to create a new one of your own.

Property Info - Above the Job Address there is a link to Property Info that will give you access to property details to help you qualify leads faster - including structure and parcel info with zoning data to streamline your permit paperwork along with other crucial details like age of the home, square footage, material types, and more. You’ll also find Estimated Property value, Tax History, and Financing.

Note: Not all addresses will have property information, but if it’s available, we’ll display it.

Notes - This is a great spot to jot down details on your Opportunity like call logs and estimate details, or information you need to know about the jobsite and permitting. No more sticky notes!

Attachments - Click “+ Add File” and choose any file or photo to attach to the Opportunity.

Delete or edit the title of an Opportunity

To delete an Opportunity or to change the title in the Opportunity Settings, click on the three dots in the upper right next to the Opportunity Owner. Then click Delete Opportunity or open the Opportunity Settings.

View Activity

You can see all activity related to your Opportunity by scrolling to the bottom of the page, beneath the Notes section.

The Activity Feed will keep you updated when the status for the Opportunity has been changed, when the Opportunity was created, and any activities within Tasks including new Tasks, completed Tasks, and comments made on Tasks.

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