Print and Export a Budget Report

How to print your Budget or export to Excel

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Prepare the Budget Report

The Budget can be printed or saved as a PDF or exported to Excel.

To access these options from the Financials section, click the Budget tab. From here, click the ••• in the upper right corner.

Pro Tip: If you would like to double-check and make changes to your original Estimate, click on 'View Original Estimate'. This will take you back to the Opportunity and allow you to verify and make changes to the Estimate.

Print Your Report

The report will be branded with your logo, the Project name, and the Project address.

Customize Your Report

You can customize the information that is shared within the report by clicking on Print and then selecting the drop-down for Display Options:

  • Summary

  • Budget

  • Selections

  • Change Orders

  • Credits

  • Payments

  • Bills & Expenses

Print your report

Once you've chosen the display options for your report, click the Print button in the upper right corner of the report.

Use the print preview to make adjustments before printing.

Export as a PDF

Export to PDF for supported operating systems (Most Windows and Mac systems feature a PDF option for printing) by changing the destination/printer to "Save as PDF" or similar.

Export to Excel

To export your budget into an Excel spreadsheet navigate to the Budget tab within the Financials, click the ••• and then select 'Export Budget.'

Your budget will automatically be downloaded to Excel.

The exported budget gives you a robust download of your Financials Summary along with each section of the budget including any details relating to each section.

When the budget is downloaded, the first tab will include the full Summary. Click through the individual tabs within the spreadsheet to see a breakdown of line items in the Budget, Change Orders, Credits, Payments, Selection Categories, Selections and Bills & Expenses.

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