Print and Export a Selections Report

How to print and save Selections as a PDF

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Prepare a Selections Report

Selections can be printed and/or saved as a PDF with BuildBook's Reporting feature. To access this menu, go to the Selections tab and click the ••• menu. Then click "Print."

The report is fully branded for your company with your logo and/or company name along with the project name and address.

Customize your report

You have multiple Display Options to customize how you'd like to export your Selections into a report:

  1. Category View or Room View - choose what view to use for your primary report display

    1. Category View gives you a more detailed report with a summary of each Selection along with the options to include Prices, Comments, and Descriptions.

    2. Room View provides a more image-forward report with each Selection organized by room and the option to include prices.

  2. Options - select what information to include or you can choose to exclude all options

    1. Description

    2. Price


  3. Status - display every Selection regardless of Status, or choose to only show Open or Closed items

    1. Open

    2. Closed

Print your report

Once you've chosen the display options for your report, click the Print button in the upper right corner of the report.

Use the print preview to make adjustments before printing.

Save as PDF

Export to PDF for supported operating systems (Most Windows and Mac systems feature a PDF option for printing) by changing the destination/printer to "Save as PDF" or similar.

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