Set Up Client Selections
Use Selection Categories and Items to track important client decisions
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Selections management in BuildBook allows you to organize and track all of the important material and finish choices your client will need to make along the way to keep the project on track.

Selections are made up of Categories and Items:

  • Categories are containers to organize related items (e.g. - Windows, Tile, Appliances, Paint, etc).

  • Items belong to a Category and are a place to capture the details of each individual choice within the Selection Category (e.g. - kitchen cabinets, master bath shower tile, etc).

Allowances are set at the Category level. Then, actual costs are tracked per Item. Both the Category and Items within roll up to the budget so that you and the client get a clear picture of the impact of selections decisions on the overall project budget. Ideally, the sum of the Items are equal to or less than the entire allowance for that Category.

Create a Selection Category

Choose "+ New Selection Category" and add the name, associated Cost Code, due date, Allowance, and an optional description. You can always leave the Allowance and Due Date blank and come back to it later.

Add a Selection Item

Once a Selection Category is created, start adding the various Items within that Category. You can add the following details to each Item:

  • Room(s): Tag the room - or room(s) - where this item will go in the project. These will come in handy when you or your client want to visualize the Selections using the Room view!

  • Category: Select the current Category or browse others from the dropdown

  • Status: Keep Open or mark as Complete if the selection is approved.

  • Description: Add any details like SKU, color, etc

  • Cost: Add pricing

  • Photos/Docs: Upload any pictures or documents related to the Selection item

  • Expenses: Track your costs associated with the selection

The Allowance amount and difference between that and the actual item cost are displayed under the Category name. If the sum of all the items is higher than the Category Allowance, the number will be reflected as a negative - e.g. ($1,500.00) vs. $1,500.00.

Filter by Totals or Status

  • Filter individual Category Totals to see the Total Completed or Allowance Remaining within each Category by clicking the "Total" dropdown.

  • Filter everything by status to see everything that is Open or Complete

View Selections by Room

Selections can be viewed by Category or by Room. Category view helps you see a snapshot of progress by category. Room view is a more visual view that shows progress by room.

Rearrange Selections

Easily change the order of your Selections by clicking the ••• menu in the upper right corner in the Selections tab, then click “Arrange Categories”

The new arrangement is reflected everywhere that Selections are displayed in BuildBook, including the print preview.

Share Selections

To share Selections externally with someone who does not have a BuildBook account, simply click on the Share button in the upper right corner within a Selection Category and toggle "Share with Public Link" on. This is a great way to communicate Tasks with subs or vendors who you may not need to join your project.

When you turn on "Share With Public Link" you can copy the link to share and preview what is included. Anyone on the internet with that particular link will have the ability to view a read-only version.

Anyone you share the public link with will see a branded page with your logo along with the Project name, type, and address, along with each Selection included in the Category with their details. Costs and allowances do not appear.

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