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Create Tasks for Opportunities
Create Tasks for Opportunities

Set and and assign Tasks for Opportunities to track follow ups and lead to-do's

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Along with the Details tab, each Opportunity has a separate Tasks tab where you and your team can create and assign Tasks with or without due dates and other information like notes and attachments.

This is the perfect place to set reminders to follow up with new leads and assign the follow-up to someone on your team. This ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and that you’re consistently in touch with new leads or clients that you’re qualifying.

The Tasks in your Opportunities work just like the Tasks in your Projects. To add a new Task, click on the Tasks tab within the Opportunity, and then click the “+ New Task.”

Tasks can have a due date (or date range), notes, and attachments. Like projects, they can also be assigned to Pro Team Admins; Pro Team Members and Collaborators are not able to be assigned to Opportunity Tasks or view Opportunities. To assign a Task to someone, just start typing their name in the Assigned To field. There's no limit to how many users can be assigned to a Task.

Once you assign a Task to someone, they receive an email notification that they have a new Task. BuildBook also sends a daily email reminder with Tasks that are upcoming or overdue.

Once a new Task is created you and your team can comment on it and @mention others in the comments.

To mark a Task as complete, just check it off from your Tasks tab or inside the Task itself.

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