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BuildBook’s sales and marketing tools help you easily capture and qualify leads, manage them in one place, and never miss an opportunity with reminders and notes.

Think of Contacts as your address book. It can have all of your important contacts: Clients, vendors, subs, designers, and any other people you work with. To access Contacts, click the Contacts box from your Dashboard or by clicking the Tools dropdown in the upper navigation menu.

Adding Contacts

When you create a new Opportunity, and add client information, we’ll automatically create a Contact for that client.

You can also manually add new contacts by clicking the “+ New Contact” button in the upper left. First and Last Names are required, and you can optionally add contact information in addition to a Company Name and Contact Type.

You can create a custom Contact Type by simply typing in the new type and hitting enter.

Edit a Contact

To edit an existing contact, click the contact from the main Contacts tab.

Within a contact you can add or change their primary contact information like address and contact info in addition to adding a picture, changing the contact type, adding a COI Expiration Date, and creating Notes for the Contact.

Similar to Opportunities, you can also add any files related to the contact by clicking the “+ Add File” button under the Attachments at the bottom.

To change a contact type, simply click the Type dropdown menu and choose/create a new type.

Search and Filter Contacts

To filter contacts by type, click the All Contacts dropdown in the upper right from the main Contacts tab. From here you can choose with type to filter all of your contacts by.

You can also search for contacts by name or company name in the Search bar location in the upper right, next to the contacts filter.

Delete a Contact

Delete a contact either from the main Contacts tab by clicking the three dots to the right of the contact, or within a contact card using the same method.

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