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BuildBook's Schedule is set up as a Gantt chart that is fully interactive. If this is your first time using a Gantt chart, all you need to know is that this type of schedule will show you different "Events" in your project - aka Phases, Tasks, Change Orders, Selections, and Payments - displayed against time.

Your Events are listed in the left sidebar and are all represented in the schedule on the right by a bar with a start and end date. This is a great way for you to visualize your project timeline and easily view when different Events start and finish, if certain items overlap, and the length of each Event.

Here are all of the ways you can customize your Schedule in BuildBook:

Filter by Event

Anything within your BuildBook project with a due date appears in your Schedule. If you don't want to see everything at once and instead want to filter by Tasks or Phases, just click the Filter dropdown.

Change Timeline View

At the top of your Schedule select "All View" and you'll see a dropdown to select from a variety of timetables to view your Schedule:

  • Week View

  • Month View

  • Quarter View

  • View All

You can also click "Today" to take you back to your original place.


If you need to expand the window to get a wider view of the Schedule, just click "Expand" in the upper right.

Drag and Drop Timeline

Edit your timeline directly in the Schedule by simply dragging the left/right sides of the bars or by moving the entire bar forward or backward. The date changes will automatically be reflected in the Event you changed.

Edit Events

All of the Events in your Schedule are fully interactive. If you want to see all of the details for a certain Event - or edit the item by adding a comment, marking something as complete, or changing some info.

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