Using a Project Template

How to create a template from scratch, an existing project or use one of ours.

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Use Project Templates to save time and start your project off with all of the necessary information in place.

Templates are accessed by navigating to Projects and clicking the "Templates" tab.

Create Templates

From a Project

Templates are created from existing projects to give you a base as you start.

In your Projects list, click the ••• menu to the right of any project and choose "+ Create Template."

This will copy over Tasks, Schedule, Financials, Selections, and Files. The following will be removed and/or reset:

  • Statuses for Tasks, Phases, Financials, and Selections are reset

  • Task assignments are removed

  • Comments and chats are removed

  • Users from the project are reset

The template can be accessed from the "Templates" tab.

Using the Template Gallery

Use the pre-built templates offered in the Template Gallery to use a New Construction, Kitchen Remodel, or Bathroom Remodel Template.

Click Try this Template to automatically add it to the templates in your account.

Manage Templates

Edit Templates

To ensure that you are aware that you're editing a template, you'll see a blue banner notifying you anytime you're working on a template.

Templates don't include:

  • Chat

  • Logs

  • Client Dashboard

You can now set up common tasks, schedules, financials, selections, and files to be reused in future projects.

Your dashboard and global schedule do not include items from templates.

Template Options

Templates can be duplicated, favorited, or deleted from the ellipses menu to the right of the template name:

Duplicate Template allows you to duplicate a template to modify or customize further so you have multiple options. By duplicating the template, you're able to create additional options with your already customized Tasks, Schedule, Selections, Budget, and Files.

Use Templates

Create a new project from a template

  1. Create a new Project:

    1. Click "+ New Project" from your Projects

    2. Click "+ New" from your Dashboard

  2. Fill out the necessary details

  3. Click the "Templates" dropdown at the bottom and choose a Template or you can also create a new project from an existing project

Choose what items carry over

  • Schedule: Completed activity status in the schedule - like Phases - will be reset

  • Budget

  • Files

  • Tasks: Task status will be reset from Complete to Incomplete

  • Selections

Adjust the dates

You can choose to leave the dates to stay the same or change them and pick a new date for the schedule to start. When you change the start date all of the dates following will shift based on the timeline in the template.


What items don't transfer?

Everything in the Chat, all comments throughout the project, and the project members are not copied to the new project. Completed Tasks, Phases, Selections, and Financials are copied and reset.

Who can see templates?

Viewing and editing a template is similar to projects, where you still need to belong to a template to see one. After creating a template, you become the owner, so you can invite Team Members. They won't get an email invite, but it will automatically appear in their template list to help view and edit.

Do I get notifications from templates?

Templates look very similar to projects, but the main difference is that templates will offer a more isolated experience.

  • Template activity will not trigger the in-app bell icon or chat bubble

  • Email notifications are not sent

  • Email project invites are not sent

  • Template activities are not included in What's Due or Coming Up This Week emails

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