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How to set up your Schedule with Phases

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Note: to learn more about using the Gantt Chart schedule, head to this article.

Set up your Schedule by adding some Phases, which represent the high-level timeline for your project. Example phases include Demolition, Foundation, Framing, Electrical, etc.

Phases are not an exhaustive roadmap of every project detail, rather they are simply the big-picture steps that keep everyone (especially your client) on the same page about what to expect and what the current status of the project is.

Add Project Phases

Go to the Schedule tab and click "Add Phase" in the upper left.

You are required to add a date range in order to save your Phase. You can add an optional description and attach relevant documents as well.

Add Tasks to Phases

Phases can also include a list of Tasks you want to complete within a desired timeline.

If you have a pre-existing Task List and want to tie them into a Phase of your Project Schedule, start creating a new Phase or open a pre-existing Phase and add Tasks to your Phase using the drop down menu from the "Schedule" section.

Please note: Your Phase must have a start date in order to start adding Tasks.

Add Phase Activities

Phases can (optionally) have Activities - which serve as a list of items that will be completed during the Phase.

Think of Activities as a checklist of what will take place during that Phase. Activities can be helpful for your team to ensure consistency and to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Activities also serve as a good communication tool for your client - helping them understand what will happen as the project progresses without being too specific about exact dates. 😎

When your Phase is complete, change the status from Incomplete to Complete by simply opening the Phase.

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