Add Schedules to an external Calendar

How to add your BuildBook project schedules to your Apple, Google, or Outlook Calendars

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You can "subscribe" to a BuildBook project schedule using the iCal feed, which allows you to see project events right in your own mobile and desktop calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar.

Subscribing to project schedules helps to consolidate calendar events for your entire business. You'll be able to see project schedules right alongside other business activities that might live outside of BuildBook projects.

You'll need to be using an iCal-compatible calendar such as Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook 2007+, and Google Calendar in order to add your BuildBook project schedule.

You can easily access the Share links by clicking the "Share" dropdown in the upper right when you're in a project Schedule.

Add to Calendar

Clicking "Add to Calendar" automatically adds the project schedule to the default calendar application on your device.

  1. Click "Open Application" in the pop-up notification in your browser

  2. Click "Open Calendar" and your calendar application (such as Apple Calendar) will open with the URL of the calendar.

  3. Click the "Subscribe" button in your calendar application

  4. Depending on the calendar application, you'll see a menu to customize the calendar (how you want to receive alerts, the name, color, etc)

Once you've subscribed to the calendar, it will appear in your sidebar and in the calendar. If you have multiple project schedules you can easily check/uncheck them just as you would in your BuildBook Schedule.

Copy Calendar Link

You can also manually copy the link to your BuildBook schedule and add it to your own calendar outside of BuildBook. This is done by subscribing to an online calendar by pasting a URL into the calendar application you want to use (known as an ICS subscription or an iCal subscription). Subscribing to an iCal online calendar connects it to your calendar.

  1. From the "Share" menu click "Copy Calendar Link."

    1. Google Calendar:

      1. In the left sidebar under "Other Calendars" click the + sign

      2. Choose 'from URL' option

      3. Paste in the URL copied from the BuildBook 'Copy Calendar Link' button

      4. Click 'Add calendar'

    2. Outlook Calendar:

      1. Sign into Outlook on the web

      2. Select 'Calendar'

      3. In the navigation pane, select 'Add calendar'

      4. Select 'Subscribe from web'

      5. Paste in the URL copied from the BuildBook 'Copy Calendar Link' button

      6. Select 'Import'


Can I edit my BuildBook schedule from the calendar that I added it to?

Adding a BuildBook schedule to your calendar allows your calendar program read-only access. This means that from your calendar, the schedule is read-only. Simply open up the item and click the link to open it directly in BuildBook and make changes.

Will my calendar update automatically as I make changes to the schedule in BuildBook?

This will depend on what calendar you're using. Online calendars like Google and Outlook commonly refresh every 24 hours (but sometimes happen sooner) so recent changes inside of a BuildBook project may not be reflected immediately. If you want to double-check dates, you can easily open up an event in your calendar and click the link to the BuildBook activity to see live details.

Other applications, like Apple Calendar, may give you the option to choose how often you want to refresh the calendar.

Can I customize the calendar?

Calendar names and colors are handled by your calendar application and will have no impact on your BuildBook project. For example, if you change your calendar name in your Google calendar, it will not update the project name in BuildBook.

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