The Chat feature in BuildBook is straight forward and simple to use. Here are a few things to know as you start chatting with your team and client(s).

  • Chat in BuildBook works like SMS-style texting and can be used on both web and mobile.

  • There are two dedicated chat rooms: one for your team members/collaborators and one for clients.

  • Tap/click the "send" icon to send a message - just like you would when sending a text message

  • Tag (@mention) people to notify them that there is a new chat message for them. Anyone @mentioned will get an email notification that they have a new message and will see the notification badge on the web app
    Note: mobile app notifications are not available yet, but they are coming soon!

  • Upload pics and docs directly into your Chat from your current device

Remember that only users who have been invited and accepted the invitation can be @mentioned in the Chat. Limited Access Collaborators only have access to the Team Chat, while Clients only see the Client Chat in their dashboard.

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