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Files are super easy to upload, organize, and manage in each BuildBook project.

There's no limit to what you can upload, from the construction agreement you have with your client to plans, drawings, or inspiration pics. Store anything here that will help your team and client have access to all the information they need during the course of the project.

By default, files are visible to your Pro Team members and any collaborators you add. You can choose to share files with clients.

Upload Files

In your Files tab either click "Upload Files" and upload from your device - or simply drag and drop the file you want to upload.

Organize Files

Organize your files with folders by clicking "New Folder" and adding as many folders as you need.

Easily move files into different folders by dragging and dropping them. Files are automatically sorted by the date they were last updated. If you want to move a file out of a folder, just drag it to the "Up a Level" link inside the folder.

File Options

To the right of each file and file folder is a menu with three dots that will give you the option to do a few things with files:

  • Download: download files to your device

  • Rename: easily give files or folders new names

  • Share with Client: You can optionally share individual documents with the client. Note: If you share a folder with a client, everything in that folder will be shared with them.

  • Trash: delete unwanted files. Trashed files are relocated to the Deleted Files folder, where you can permanently delete them if you need to.

File types that are viewable (PDFs, images) can also be previewed by simply clicking on the file name and opening the item. You can also download the file from the preview by clicking the three dots in the upper right and clicking Download.

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