Either you, somebody you work with, or somebody you hired has set up a BuildBook account. Well done! We're glad you're here -- now let's get you familiar with some of the general roles and features. 

Roles and permissions

One of the most desired benefits of BuildBook is the ability to bring everyone together in one place — before, during and after projects. To help keep track of who's who, each user in a BuildBook account will fit into one of three roles:

  • Pro Team Owner: the person who set up the company's BuildBook account and has full ownership of the Pro Team.
  • Pro Team Member: anyone invited by the Pro Team Owner to join the internal company team, and has access to all of the team's projects.
  • Members: Clients, sub-contractors, vendors, designers, architects, etc. — anyone that is involved in one or more projects, but is not part of the internal company team. They are invited on a per-project basis by either a Pro Team Owner or Pro Team Member.

Projects, Groups and Collections

Projects: Each individual client project in your business is its own Project in BuildBook. Each Project you create contains its own members, tasks, schedule, documents, etc.

Groups: Within each Project are Groups. Every Project must have at least one Group, but it can also have many Groups. Each Group includes only the members that you invite to join it and is designed to help you make sure you share the right information with the right members during projects.

Collections: All of the photos that you take of your work can be stored as part of a Collection. These Collections are designed to make it easy for you to categorize and easily share a portfolio of your best work.

As always, contact us with any questions or feedback. You can email us directly or chat with us through the website or our mobile app.

Happy Building!

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