Here are a few tips for turning BuildBook into a healthy habit for you, your team, and your project members.

Set the week up

Stay ahead of those frustrating where-are-we-at-with-this questions from clients. At the start of every week, post a new message that explains the key activities coming up. Be as specific as possible without over-committing, and invite your project members to chime in with questions.

Provide quick updates

Each day, post a brief message that keeps the momentum going. Share just a few words on what’s happening -- and what’s not. If relevant, attach a photo as these messages will serve as a simple visual history of your project. This is also a good opportunity to remind your clients what you need from them (like a decision on a selection), and by when.

Close Strong

At the end of the week, share the latest progress from the site. (This includes delays, as even “bad” news helps clients feel informed.) Post photos to celebrate your team’s hard work and to get clients excited. Thank individuals for their contributions and including clients for being involved.

All told, this might take an hour out of your entire week — but we know from experience that consistent communication like this can reduce the chances of blown budgets and timelines. 

Happy building!

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