Posts are one of the most loved and often used features in BuildBook because they replace the multiple channels of text messages, phone calls and emails during projects to bring everything into just one channel. Posts are simple to create and easy to reply to.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about creating and or replying to posts.

Creating a post

Towards the bottom of any project message feed (hint: it's the homepage for each Group), you'll find a navigation bar. At the center of that bar, you'll want to click on the orange "+" button to get started.

Next, click on the Post icon to open the Post editor.

From here, you can begin creating your Post using the following options:

  • What's the latest? - This is the input box for the body of your message. You might use this to share a status update, ask a question, share a link, etc. (i.e. "We received the building permit today!", or "What is the planned start date for demo?", or a link to view something ("I created a Pinterest board with some kitchen cabinets I like. Can you take a look and let's discuss options?").
  • Add Photos - If you'd like to add images to your post, you can do so by clicking the "+" button within this field. After doing so, you'll be able to snap a new photo, or choose to upload existing images from several available sources.
  • Add Document - If you'd like to add a document such as a contract, change order, blueprints, etc. to your post, you can do so by clicking the "+" button within this field. Next, you'll be able to select from any of the documents that are stored in your account to add to your post.

    Message tags

    Any message created in BuildBook can be tagged to make it easier to follow, find, and group with other related messages. There are two ways of creating tags in your posts:

    Categories - these are common construction categories applicable to the type of project (e.g. - countertops, appliances, plumbing, etc.)

    Rooms & Locations - these are specific rooms or locations within the project (e.g. - Kitchen, Basement, Master Bedroom, etc)

    Tagging posts is optional when creating a message, but are a very helpful way to keep the conversation organized and easy to find for everyone within in the group. Each post can contain one or more categories and one or more rooms and locations.

Replying to posts

Any member of a group can reply to a post, and they will display in chronological order below the original message. In other words, the most recent replies will appear at the bottom of the replies. This allows anyone viewing the entire message thread to understand how the conversation has evolved from start to finish.

To add a reply to a post, you'll start by clicking the 'Add a comment or photo' button at the bottom of the page of the post. You can now add your comment or photo from within the module window. Click the top right arrow icon in the module to publish your reply.

To help save time, BuildBook offers a quick reply option located marked with a 👍 emoji to the left of the 'Add a comment or photo' button. After clicking on emoji, you'll be presented with several Quick Reactions to choose from.

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