Once you click on any group within a project, you will be brought to the main message feed for that group. This is the central hub for your group, where you'll be able create new posts and view and/or respond to each message within the group.

It's important to note that each group within a project has its own message feed and each one is only visible to those who are in that group.

Getting familiar with the feed

Message Cards

Each message within the feed is presented as its own card. The card provides a summary of the message, including who created it, when it was created, a preview of the message and comments, and any tags that are associated with the message. 

Post Detail

Clicking on any portion of the message card will bring you to new screen where you will see all of the details of that message, including the full message, all tasks, photos, documents, tags and replies (when applicable).

It from this screen where you'll also be able to reply or react to the contents of that message.

Sort Order

The feed is sorted with the most recent messages at the top, and the oldest messages at the bottom. This applies to when a new message is created and when new activity has been added to an existing message. For example, if someone replies to a message from last week, the message card will be moved to the top, above above the other messages that have been created since then. The sort order functions very much like an email inbox.

Searching or Filtering Messages

Located directly above the message feed you will find two options for narrowing down the posts in your feed to find what you're looking for - "Search Posts" box and a "Filters" tab.

Search Posts: The search functionality in your feed works with all searchable content contained within each post including comments and tags. Results will be sorted based on the timing and relevancy for whichever keyword you enter.

Filters: When you click on the "Filters" tab above your feed, you will have the ability to filter down posts in your feed in three ways:

Status: All, Read or Unread posts
Categories: Painting, Flooring, etc.
Locations: Kitchen, Bathroom, etc.

Navigation Menu

Located at the bottom of your message feed you will find a static menu bar that will help you navigate between the Feed, Photos, Docs and Tasks sections within the group.

At the center of the menu, you will also find a large orange "+" icon which will allow you to create a new post, video (on mobile only), or task as well as add a new document.

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