Once you open a BuildBook project, you will see the main message feed for that project. This is where you'll be able to view and respond to every message within the project. Let's explore...

Message Cards
The feed shows you all messages, presented as cards. The card provides a summary of the message, including who created it, when, a preview of the message, and any additional information contained in the message. 

Message Detail
Tapping on any message allows you to view the details of that message, including the full original message, all photos (if applicable), all documents (if applicable), all tags, and all replies.

Sort Order
The feed is sorted with the most recent messages at the top, and the oldest messages at the bottom. This applies to both new messages and when adding a reply to a message. For example, if someone replies to a message from last week, it will rise right to the top above the other messages that have been created since then. The sort order functions very much like an email inbox.

Messages in BuildBook can be seen by all members of the project, including Team Members, Collaborators, and Clients.

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