The BuildBook home screen is what you see immediately after logging into the app. The home screen allows you to easily navigate to various parts of the app. Let's explore...

Project List
The home screen contains all of your projects organized as cards in a list. Each project card includes helpful information including the name of the project, the type of project (e.g. - New Construction or Kitchen Renovation). 

Projects are sorted first by most recent messages, then by project name in alphabetical order. Projects with the most recent updates will rise to the top of the list, so you always have easy access to your most active projects.

To access any project, simply tap on the card and you'll enter the project. From inside the project, simply tap the home icon to come back to your project list. This allows for quick switching from one project to another, especially helpful for those running multiple projects at the same time.

Project Cards

Each project card contains the pertinent information about each project, including:

  • Project name - the name of the project that everyone will see inside the app.
  • Project type - the type of construction: new construction, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, other renovation.
  • Message count - the total number of messages and replies within the project.

New Project
For Pro users, the home screen is also where you are able to create new projects. Simply tap the orange plus button in the bottom right of the screen to get started.

Account Settings
In the top left of the home screen you can access your Account Settings by tapping the gear icon. Within these settings, you can:

  • Manage your personal details (name, profile picture, etc)
  • Assign Pending Documents to a project
  • Manage your company details (for Pro accounts)
  • Upgrade your account
  • Gain access to Support.

In the top right of the home screen is a logout button.

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